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The Next Wave in Data Normalization Products: RightWave Unveils RightData Normalizer

Last Tuesday, RightWave announced the release of RightData Normalizer (RDN), a cloud-based product.

RightData Normalizer provides a cutting-edge solution for businesses seeking Data Quality Governance for marketing and sales data by producing real-time data enhancement and seamless integration with CRM and marketing automation tools. 

An outstanding characteristic of RDN lies in its capacity for users to devise personalized normalization scripts, allowing for a bespoke data processing methodology that aligns with individual businesses’ distinct requirements. Through seamless interaction with the cloud, incoming data is meticulously handled and seamlessly reintegrated into Marketo in real time. This unprecedented procedure fosters a more refined database, enhancing segmentation and guaranteeing precise lead-to-account matching. This, in turn, equips teams with dependable and actionable insights.

Anurag Khemka, RightWave President & CEO, is delighted to add RightData Normalizer to RightWave’s menu of products and services. He stated, “RDN was developed to address challenges commonly faced by marketing automation and CRM platforms for data cleansing and enrichment. Offering ongoing measurement of data quality governance for integration into processes, RDN ensures accuracy and continuous data refinement.” 

RDN provides businesses a competitive advantage by fostering a more polished database, alleviating the strain on their CRM system, and ensuring precision in lead-to-account matching. The benefits are amplified as businesses can seamlessly tailor business logic to address their distinct requirements, encompassing everything from fine-tuning data cleansing approaches to elevating enrichment processes. RDN adapts to each business’s specific data processing needs, offering a versatile solution for optimizing operational efficiency.

To learn more about RDN, click here: RightData Normalizer