Salesforce CRM Support

We understand the critical role Salesforce CRM plays in delivering a 360° view of your customers and ensuring true ROI. With expert knowledge of Salesforce, our team ensures seamless integration, real-time behavioral intelligence, and ongoing support, empowering businesses to optimize their CRM system and boost ROI.

Implementation & Configuration

Our team of experts will design and customize your Salesforce instance to match your unique business processes. We’ll ensure seamless integration with your existing systems, so your company data remains readily available in the new system from day one.

Lead Status Management

With our rule-based lead scoring and ranking engine, you can prioritize your leads and opportunities effectively. This empowers your sales force to focus on high-potential prospects and drive successful nurturing marketing campaigns.

Opportunity Stage Management

We’ll work with you to tune your sales processes and develop ownership assignment rules, lead filtering, and external triggers. This way, your Salesforce system optimally supports your sales team’s efforts.


Keep your Salesforce database clean, up- to-date, and relevant with our data cleansing and append services. We offer near real-time data standardization and append important data to improve efficiency and accuracy.


Our experienced consultants will help you deploy all the necessary customizations to tailor Salesforce to your specific needs. Whether it’s building custom business process flows or integrating external systems, we’ve got you covere.


Get a holistic view of your prospect’s behavior with our integrated reporting services. We’ll develop connectors that keep your Salesforce sales database in sync with your marketing database, providing real-time behavioral intelligence for effective sales.

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RightWave transformed our marketing operations. We don't have to manage employee absences, product training, and technical recruitment anymore.

Marketing Operations Head

Global SaaS Company

RightWave got our MarTech stack running, integrated and operational in less than four weeks to meet a highly anticipated and publicized launch date.

Marketing Head.

SaaS Startup

RightWave's audit and action plan were game-changers. They streamlined our marketing tech, improved data quality, and enhanced our team's capabilities.

Marketing Head

Global Software Company


Without successful CRM implementations, companies cannot provide a complete 360° view of their customer behavior or deliver true ROI. CRM systems like Salesforce require long implementation and customization cycles followed by regular review, updates, and maintenance to satisfy changing business requirements.
CRM systems like Salesforce may not have sufficient features for “top of the funnel” marketing database management and running modern marketing campaigns. As a result, most organizations require both CRM and Marketing Automation systems to meet their diverse needs.
Proper integration provides real-time behavioral intelligence, enabling sales teams to view and track prospect activity, including web activity, email campaigns, and other marketing efforts right from their sales system.
RightWave offers a range of services, including administration, configuration, customization, and integration of Salesforce. We provide ongoing support, administrative, and data maintenance services to ensure your CRM system remains integrated into your changing business needs.
Yes, we can help design and customize your Salesforce instance to tailor it to your specific business processes. We can also take over the complete management and administration of your installation if required.
RightWave offers data standardization, cleansing, and data append services to keep your Salesforce database correct, up-to-date, and relevant. We also provide optional data validation and deduplication services for even cleaner and more effective data.
Our rule-based scoring and ranking engine can be seamlessly integrated with your Salesforce installation to prioritize leads, opportunities, and accounts. This helps your sales force focus on high-potential prospects and drive effective nurturing marketing campaigns.
RightWave supports all aspects of your Salesforce installation, including administrative services. We proactively monitor and resolve any issues, working with Salesforce support on your behalf. We also provide first-line email support for training, application help, and more.
Yes, our highly trained developers can build custom business process flows, configuration applications, and integrate external systems with the Salesforce platform as per your specific requirements.