About RightWave

RightWave ensures efficient adoption of marketing automation for B2B companies without the typical complexities, lengthy setups, or additional consulting expenses. Our straightforward model includes a fast, comprehensive implementation resulting in immediate return on investment. Leveraging advanced technology and expertise, we provide flexible marketing automation services, backed by skilled digital marketing consultants focused on customer success and quality service.

Core Values

Attention to Details 

Meticulously crafting excellence through precision and thoroughness.

Commitment to Customers

Fostering unwavering dedication to meeting and exceeding customer needs.


Synergistically achieving goals through collaborative and unified efforts.

Open Communication

Cultivating transparency and dialogue for effective exchange of ideas.

Respect for Individual

Nurturing an inclusive environment that values and honours each persons uniqueness.


Anurag Khemka

President & CEO
A pioneering technologist and serial entrepreneur, founded the first Marketing Automation company, MarketFirst, in 1996. He later established RightWave in 2004, focusing on marketing automation and marketing operation services that enhance marketers' ROI. He is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and University of Louisiana, Lafayette. He was featured in BtoB Magazine’s “Who’s Who 100 in CRM”.

Abhinav Khemka

VP, Administration & Finance
Abhinav played a pivotal role in the RightWave’s growth, transforming it into a global marketing delivery leader with ISO certifications. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Math and an LLB and has diverse experience in production, trading, marketing, and sales.

Sanjay Tayal

VP, Operations and Delivery
Sanjay has more than 28 years experience in Service Delivery Operations and Business Process Reengineering. He has worked with global corporations including Wipro, HP, Capgemini, and Nucleus Software. He provides strategic and operational leadership in ISO, CMMI, and LEAN methodologies.

Rahul Pratap Singh​

Associate VP, Customer Success
Rahul has a Computer Science degree and brings over a decade of Marketing Automation expertise. Leading a team of skilled professionals, he ensures seamless engagement between customers and Marketing Technology Consultants.

Digvijay Singh​

Associate VP, Software Development
Digvijay manages the development team at Rightwave and oversees the software and systems engineering projects and programs in the company. He holds a Master's in Computer Applications from IGNOU and has over 14 years of IT experience.

Melissa Price​

Account Manager
Melissa manages RightWave clients who elect to outsource all MarTech, excluding creative. In her past roles, she has successfully transformed sales and marketing organizations despite difficult market conditions. She is adept at understanding and anticipating the unique needs of RevOps, SalesOps as well as Marketing Ops.

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