Data Quality Management

We understand the power of clean and accurate data in driving successful marketing automation solutions. With over a decade of experience, our Marketing Operations Services have helped numerous businesses transform their marketing efforts and achieve maximum ROI.


Data Standardization

Ensure uniform and accurate values for fields like country, state, lead source, and more. Data Standardization leads to better reporting, prevents data headaches, and maximizes ROI


Eliminate duplicate records successfully. Our Data Deduping process eliminates redundancies and streamlines your database for smoother marketing operations.

Removing Junk Data

Clean and quality data is the foundation of effective campaigns. We identify and eliminate junk data, keeping your database clutter-free and actionable

Database Growth Management

Scale your database effortlessly with our expert team’s support. From aggregation to maintenance, we handle it all, so you can focus on driving revenue.

Target Segment Analysis

Understand your target audience better with our comprehensive analysis. We help you identify the most promising segments for personalized and impactful marketing

Account Based Marketing

Enhance your ABM efforts with our specialized services. We assist you in tailoring strategies for your most valuable accounts, increasing engagement and conversions

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RightWave transformed our marketing operations. We don't have to manage employee absences, product training, and technical recruitment anymore.

Marketing Operations Head

Global SaaS Company

RightWave got our MarTech stack running, integrated and operational in less than four weeks to meet a highly anticipated and publicized launch date.

Marketing Head.

SaaS Startup

RightWave's audit and action plan were game-changers. They streamlined our marketing tech, improved data quality, and enhanced our team's capabilities.

Marketing Head

Global Software Company


RightWave offers a range of marketing database solutions, including standard segmentation, aggregation, and analysis of marketing data, as well as business-specific data augmentation, analysis, and reporting.
RightWave merges data from various sources, such as SFA systems, financial databases, and support databases, to create a powerful central marketing engine. Our experts handle data aggregation, de-duping, purging, cleansing, and maintenance, ensuring clean, secure, and accurate data for effective marketing campaigns.
Data Standardization (DS) ensures uniform and accurate values for fields like country, state, lead source, and more. It prevents data inconsistencies, improves reporting, and helps identify junk data in the database.
With Data Append Services, RightWave can supplement missing information in customer data, such as email addresses, first and last names, phone numbers, and addresses. We analyze the known data and provide additional relevant information that meets the customer’s needs and budget.
Reporting and Analytics are essential for tracking, measuring, and analyzing marketing efforts. They enable businesses to develop winning strategies, prove ROI, and make informed decisions based on comprehensive reports and charts.
RightWave has the capability to gather data from multiple sources, including website interactions, email campaign responses, offline interactions like tradeshow visits, and data from customer support centers, financial systems, SFA systems, and more.
Business Intelligence helps in deeper analysis of marketing activities, identifying what works best and where to invest for maximum ROI. It aids in understanding the trade-offs between spending on various online and offline initiatives, ultimately leading to increased revenue growth.
Yes, RightWave provides customizable reports tailored to specific business needs. Reports can be made available through the RightWave Marketing Console or sent in convenient Excel format on a periodic basis.
Data Quality Analysis involves an explorative approach, where data analysts explore the problem domain and the current state of data. It is interactive, allowing for adjustments and a detailed view of data. DQA provides temporary and non-persistent analysis, giving a snapshot of the current data state and recommending actions for improvement. Additionally, DQA deals with multiple data sources, such as databases, Excel spreadsheets, MS Access files, and others.