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*PUs (Processing Unit) - A Processing Unit (PU) is a measurement unit of API Calls. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a way for one program to interact with another. An API call, or API request, is a message sent to a server asking an API to provide a service or information.

RDN Features and Services

Features and ServicesFree TrialPay as You
Lead to Account Matching

Match Leads to Accounts

Real-Time Capture

View Matches in Record

SFDC Account Field Mapping Setup

Lead Field Mapping Setup

Rule based Matching

Auto Sync data

Account Info History

Account data import

Update mapping
Data Management

Data Enrichment

Country/State Normalization

Region/Sub region normalization

Inferred Job Level/Job Function

Buyer Persona Normalization

City/Postal Code Normalization
Annual Revenue Standardization

Employee Size Normalization

Standard Lookups

Custom Lookups
Marketing Services

Add Promo Code

Generate QR Code

Execute Excel Formula

Manage Counter

Match Junk Value

Generate PDF by HTML
Custom Service
Basic Utility Services
Dashboard Insights

Consumption Graph

API Calls Distribution

Module wise Distribution

Most Frequently Used Service

API Call Information
Email Support
Only available in Enterprise Plan

Customized PUs Credit

Advanced Integration

Personalized Support
Tailored Onboarding

Flexible Contract

Dedicated Account Management


The following services are offered by RightWave in RDN:
  • 1. Basic Utility Services
  • 2. Custom Service
  • 3. Lead to Account Matching
  • 4. Categorization Service
  • 5. Multi-Column Lookup
  • 6. Advanced Service
    • a) Add Promo Code
    • b) Execute Excel Formula
    • c) Generate PDF by HTML Template
    • d) Generate QR Code
    • e) Manage Counter
    • f) Match Junk Value

A Processing Unit (PU) is a measurement unit of API Calls. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a way for one program to interact with another. An API call, or API request, is a message sent to a server asking an API to provide a service or information

The cost of RDN basically depends on the plan subscribed by the user. Based on the requirement, users can subscribe to the RDN plan.

There are four different subscription plans in RDN:

  • Free Trial
  • Pay As You Go
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Enterprise
S noServiceProcessing Units (PUs) consumption
1.Basic Utility Service1
2.Custom ServiceCustom Services- 2 PU for the custom script size: 0.00097 PU per byte The processing unit is dynamically calculated based on the size of the script and API calls.
3.Multi-Column Lookup ServiceStandard Service-1; Custom Service-2
4.Categorization ServiceStandard Service- 2; Custom Service-3
5.Lead to Account MatchingCustom Service-2; SFDC Integration required
6.Advanced Service (Excel Formula)2
7.Advanced Service (Generate QR Code)3
8.Advanced Service (Add Promo Code)2
9.Advanced service (Manage Counter )1
10.Advanced service (Generate PDF By HTML Template )3
11.Advanced service (Match Junk Value)2
RDN uses a Stripe interface for saving card information.
Additional cost payable by the user for continuing to use RDN services when the assigned Processing Units (PUs) have been consumed.
Additional Processing Units (PUs) assigned when the consumption of Processing Units (PUs) of the subscribed plan have been consumed.
Credit Cards can be used for taking subscriptions in RDN. You can save credit card details for recurring services. We receive payment only in USD.

By default, subscriptions and billing continue until cancellation. You can cancel subscriptions either through the ‘My Plan’ Page in ‘My Profile’ or contact the RDN support team at support@rdn.rightwave.com.

After the subscription is canceled, the user will not be able to access the services. Users will receive an email with all details.
RDN offers multiple payment options depending on services, and the number of Processing Units (PUs). Under Monthly Subscription, RDN offers five monthly subscription plans. You can choose the plan based on your requirement.

There are two categories of Multi Column Lookup in RDN:

  • Standard Lookup
  • Custom Lookup
  • Generate QR Code
  • Add Promo Code
  • Generate PDF by HTML Template
  • Manage Counter
  • Match Junk Value
  • Execute Excel Formula
RDN accepts Credit Cards via Stripe payment gateway.
The user’s account will get credited with the remaining balance Processing Units (PUs) as Carry Forward PUs along with the new subscribed monthly subscription plan PUs count.

80% consumption– The Pay As You Go account will be automatically recharged with the
default subscribed plan once Processing Units (PUs) consumption crosses 80%.


100% consumption- If the Pay As You Go account is unable to recharge at 80% consumption
due to some issue, then the user is allowed to consume till 100% usage.
If the consumption of Processing Units (PUs) crosses 100%, it will cause the failure of API calls.


The users can update their billing details and credit card information in the Manage Billing under
the My Profile section.

You can contact our RDN support team at support@rdn.rightwave.com for any queries related to RDN.

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