Campaign Management

From global email marketing campaigns to multi- channel strategies, drip campaigns, and seamless fulfilment, our expert team handles it all, empowering marketers to focus on strategy while achieving exceptional results and ROI. Partner with us to optimize your campaigns and elevate your marketing efforts to new heights.

Campaign Management


Reach your audience with precision through our expertise in email marketing campaigns. We utilize the latest tools and techniques, including A/B testing and segmentation, to maximize the impact of your emails.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Engage your prospects and customers through various channels with our proven multi-channel marketing strategies. We take care of technical logistics, ensuring seamless campaign execution across platforms.

Webforms & Landing Pages

Capture and interact with web visitors seamlessly. We create forms, landing pages, micro sites, and other web tools that allow effective tracking, nurturing, and integration into your overall marketing efforts.


Leverage webinars as a powerful medium to engage prospects and customers. We handle the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on delivering compelling content.

Automation & Integration

Make the most of marketing automation tools by designing a comprehensive strategy covering different mediums. Our experts can guide you to achieve better results over time.

Attribution Tracking

Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns with our attribution tracking services. Understand the ROI of your marketing investment and make data-driven decisions.

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RightWave transformed our marketing operations. We don't have to manage employee absences, product training, and technical recruitment anymore.

Marketing Operations Head

Global SaaS Company

RightWave got our MarTech stack running, integrated and operational in less than four weeks to meet a highly anticipated and publicized launch date.

Marketing Head.

SaaS Startup

RightWave's audit and action plan were game-changers. They streamlined our marketing tech, improved data quality, and enhanced our team's capabilities.

Marketing Head

Global Software Company


RightWave delivers global email marketing campaigns with a proven track record of user targeting and deliverability. Our services include CAN-SPAM compliance, A/B testing, content validation, opt-in rules, deliverability monitoring, segmentation, targeting, and email analytics.
RightWave excels in executing multi-channel marketing by delivering relevant content to targeted prospects and customers. Our experts take care of technical logistics, addressing spam filter issues, ensuring consistent email views, assessing email penetration success, and complying with anti-spam regulations.
Drip Marketing campaigns engage prospects and customers with a series of email messages delivered at scheduled intervals. RightWave’s technical marketing consultants can advise customers on delivering superior drip marketing strategies, understanding prospect needs, and delivering content effectively.
Trigger emails are automated emails prompted by specific actions or time-related events. Examples include registration confirmations and abandoned shopping carts. RightWave’s technical marketing consultants can guide customers in delivering high-quality trigger marketing strategies to catch prospects at critical moments.
With RightWave’s complete solution, campaigns are tracked and measured throughout the lead-to-sales lifecycle. Marketers have full visibility to assess and refine campaigns, stop or adjust live campaigns, and leverage marketing best practices for optimal results.
RightWave’s proprietary Marketing Automation As a Service platform supports diverse marketing strategies, ensuring accurate and speedy fulfilment. Our experienced consultants are flexible and adaptive to customers’ needs, delivering high-quality planning and execution across channels and demographics.
Integrated Web Marketing, including inbound marketing, captures and interacts with web visitors effectively. RightWave creates forms, landing pages, microsites, and other marketing web tools to track, nurture, qualify, and integrate visitors into overall marketing efforts, ensuring valuable integration.
Drip campaigns engage prospects through channels beyond email marketing. RightWave’s technical marketing consultants help deliver superior drip marketing strategies, resulting in more qualified leads and better results over time.
RightWave’s simple and needs-based reporting solutions provide marketing staff with detailed insights, enabling them to track minute details, assess the return on their marketing investment (ROMI), and make data-driven decisions for campaign success.