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Unicorn Startup MongoDB cites Unifying Benefits of Eloqua and

Marketing automation and CRM systems can act as central collection points for the myriad of systems sometimes found in a B2B marketing organization. This point was made explicit in a recent interview of Meagen Eisenberg, CMO for unicorn startup MongoDB. Speaking about the 28 different platforms MongoDB uses to track data and monitor traffic, Ms. Eisenberg said: “Eloqua is our marketing automation platform, and maybe a third of them integrate into either Eloqua or Salesforce.” MongoDB is a pioneer in non-SQL databases. Its products are open source so the company website has thousands of visitors. Capturing, filtering, segmenting, and communicating with these visitors is a major challenge. B2B organizations with similar or lesser challenges should consider following MongoDB’s approach. In many cases, marketers will find that starting with a high-quality marketing automation system like Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo, or Pardot plus a CRM system for sales and support may preclude the need for multiple systems. RightWave provides expert guidance in the use of marketing automation and CRM systems. Contact RightWave for more information. Reference Drew Neisser: “B2B CMO Spotlight: Raising a unicorn in the in the give to get economy” AdAge November 14, 2018 B2B image open licensed by Wikimedia