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Salesforce Summer Release’19 is ready to upgrade on Production

Get ready to update the production instance. After the Summer’19 Salesforce release, now production instance needs to upgrade.

The Release Date for Summer ’19 will depend on the instance of Salesforce. However, the main dates are on May 18th, June 8th & 15th. To check the production instance upgrade date then head over to the Salesforce Trust and click on your instance name and hit “Maintenances”, and this will show the date of the Summer’19 release hitting the Org.

To check the Salesforce instance name then look at the URL link of Salesforce in the browser if the instance version is not Lightning or MyDomains. Here is the screenshot for the reference.

Instance Screenshot

Here the instance name is “xyz”.

Before upgrading the Production Org, Salesforce Admin needs to make sure to test all the main use cases in Salesforce before this date to ensure that everything continues to work. Although there is rarely any chance of this, it’s important that these checks are carried out anyway.

For details about the features in this release, see RightWave’s blog post issued in May when the sandbox versions rolled out.

RightWave can assist B2B organizations in data retention for Salesforce as well as popular Marketing Automation Systems including Eloqua, Marketo, and Pardot. For more information, contact RightWave.


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