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On-Demand: Data Quality Governance for B2B Marketing, Live soon: DQM extended to Sales

DQM is not just for B2B Marketing. Sales reaps major benefits. In this on-demand webinar, RIghtWave CEO and marketing automation pioneer Anurag Khemka outlines the importance to B2B Marketing of cleaning and expanding prospect and customer data files and creating a continuous process.

Removing duplications and out-of-date, inaccurate information and adding new and correct data is also vital to B2B Sales organizations. After viewing the on-demand webinar, sales and marketing professionals can join RightWave on Tuesday January 29 at 9am Pacific Time for a fresh look at DQM that includes both sales and marketing perspectives. Register here for this informative webinar.

RightWave can help B2B sales and marketing organizations become more efficient and effective. For more information, contact RightWave.