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Enhancing B2B Marketing’s Relationship with Customer Service

Renewals and Referrals result from inter-department collaboration between marketing and customer service for positive end-to-end customer experiences. Much has been said and written about the Marketing/Sales relationship; the Marketing/Service relationship is equally important. The partnership between marketing and customer service increases the continuity of information to customers while boosting the services’ integrity. This strengthens trust in customer and business relationships by ensuring a clear understanding of customer services. Delivering exceptional service through engaging and knowledgeable conversations increases opportunities for up-selling, cross-selling, and potential referrals.   

The alignment of marketing and customer service goals ensures that the teams work toward the same outcome by understanding each other’s objectives. As a result, conflicts and miscommunications about services can be avoided, ensuring the marketing campaigns are geared toward the right leads. Shared customer insights will also assist the marketing and customer service team in understanding customer needs, preferences, and behaviors further enhancing successful marketing campaigns and improving customer support processes. 

Customer service can rein in Marketing’s tendency to promise impractical support, causing customers to move on to another business.

Positive experiences are the main goal and come from streamlined information that can lead to customers adding new services. By jointly monitoring customer feedback, marketing and customer service can identify areas where the customer experience can be improved and ensure that both teams are aware of emerging customer issues. Assisting customers can include creating FAQ pages, how-to guides, and opportunities for testimonials. A good relationship with a customer can mean that the customer will agree to appear jointly with the marketing team at a conference or webinar. 

Regular training for marketing and customer service teams ensures the latest industry developments and best practices are followed, establishing top-quality customer support and marketing efforts. Highly-trained customer service teams are equipped to provide value-driven information with precise answers and pleasant interactions, increasing brand awareness, loyalty, and sales.

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