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Using Digital Marketing During Work-at-Home

B2B digital marketing maximizes returns in 2021. It is perfect for marketing departments who seek to optimize their marketing efforts while working remotely. It allows for marketing to be conducted in a simple digital format that expands companies’ marketing capabilities, while reaching their target audience through their campaigns [1].

One example of digital marketing is marketing automation. Given the benefits of marketing automation, it is highly valuable to companies, as shown by a study completed by Marketing Interactive, which found that after 6 months of using marketing automation, 63% of companies had already experienced positive results [2]. Thus, marketing automation provides a quick turn-around for companies looking to improve their marketing.

In an additional study by Marketing Interactive, companies stated that the biggest benefits from marketing automation were increases in time efficiency, leads, revenue, and customer loyalty [2]. Marketing automation allows for companies to simplify marketing tasks and thus make them more efficient. Furthermore, in saving time during the marketing process, companies can decrease the costs of their projects.

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