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Using advanced features of Marketo in 2024: A Guide for Marketing & Data Operation Teams

As 2024 unfolds, B2B SaaS companies are looking for ways to squeeze the most value out of their marketing automation platforms. Marketo Engage, a leading contender in the space, continues to evolve with exciting new features, enhancements, and future prospects. But navigating these updates can be tricky, especially for busy marketing and data operations teams. So, buckle up, because we’re diving deep into the hottest Marketo innovations and how they can elevate your B2B SaaS marketing game.

1. AI-Powered Personalization and Optimization:

Marketo is doubling down on AI to deliver hyper-personalized experiences across the customer journey. Here’s what’s cooking:

  • Predictive Content: Generate tailored content recommendations based on individual interests and behavior, ensuring every landing page, email, and ad feels like a personal touch.
  • Engagement Programs: Leverage AI to automatically adjust triggers, flows, and content within customer journeys, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.
  • Dynamic Chat: Craft personalized chat conversations based on visitor data and website behavior, offering targeted assistance and boosting lead qualification.

2. Enhanced Account-Based Marketing (ABM):

Marketo is sharpening its ABM tools to help you laser-focus on high-value accounts. Get ready for:

  • AI-driven Account Scoring: Leverage AI to prioritize and rank accounts based on engagement, firmographic data, and predictive fit, ensuring you target the right whales.
  • Advanced Account-Based Journeys: Tailor personalized multi-channel campaigns for targeted accounts, nurturing leads and influencing key decision-makers.
  • Seamless Sales & Marketing Alignment: Share account data, campaign insights, and lead engagement updates with sales teams through tighter CRM integration, fostering collaboration and closing deals faster.

3. Streamlined Lead Management and Attribution:

Marketo is making it easier than ever to track, nurture, and qualify leads while providing clear attribution for campaign success. Look out for:

  • Person Scoring Mastery: Gain deeper insights into lead quality and engagement with enhanced scoring models and customizable data points.
  • Revenue Lifecycle Modeler: Visualize the entire customer journey, connecting marketing activities to revenue outcomes and proving marketing’s ROI.
  • Multi-Touch Attribution: Understand the true impact of each touchpoint in the customer journey, crediting campaigns their rightful share of conversions.

4. Conversational Marketing on the Rise:

Marketo is embracing the power of conversational marketing to connect with prospects and customers in real-time. Get excited for:

  • Enhanced Live Chat Features: Offer personalized support, qualify leads, and answer questions instantly with improved chat capabilities, including conditional branching and repeat dialogues.
  • Integration with Messenger for Business: Extend your reach and engage audiences where they are with seamless integration with Facebook Messenger.
  • AI-powered Chatbots: Leverage Chatbots to automate repetitive tasks, collect lead information, and provide first-line support, freeing up your team for more strategic initiatives.

5. Future-Proofing with Innovation:

Marketo is constantly innovating, and what’s on the horizon looks promising:

  • Hyper-Personalization with Adobe Sensei: The integration of Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI engine, promises even deeper personalization capabilities across campaigns and content.
  • Marketing Cloud Expansion: Expect seamless integration with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, offering a unified platform for all your marketing needs.
  • Evolving Analytics & Reporting: Get ready for even more robust reporting and data visualization tools to unlock actionable insights and refine your strategies.

RightWave’s Tips for Optimizing Your Marketo Experience in 2024:

  • Stay informed: Follow Marketo’s release notes and attend webinars to stay updated on the latest features and best practices.
  • Leverage RightWave’s expertise: Partner with experienced marketing operations specialists like RightWave to navigate Marketo complexities and unlock its full potential.
  • Focus on data and measurement: Implement robust data pipelines and track key metrics to measure the impact of your Marketo initiatives and optimize performance.
  • Embrace continuous learning: Encourage your team to stay up-to-date on Marketo best practices and attend training sessions to maximize their skillset.


With its focus on AI, personalization, and conversational marketing, Marketo offers B2B SaaS companies a wealth of possibilities to streamline operations, engage audiences, and drive real business results. By staying informed, partnering with skilled specialists, and embracing continuous learning, your marketing and data ops teams can leverage these innovations to take your B2B SaaS marketing to the next level.


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