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Insights From the Top: An Exclusive Interview with RightWave CEO, Anurag Khemka

“How can I make marketing automation easier for marketing?” – Anurag Khemka, RightWave, CEO. 

This probing question was instrumental in the launch of RightWave, Inc., and twenty years later, RightWave is a leader in B2B Marketing Operations & Marketing Automation services.

RightWave is delighted to announce the recent release of the Entrepreneur’s Journey video, an interview with Anurag by Upesh Jain, Host of ExecTalkChannel. This intriguing discussion delves into Anurag’s early influencers and his experiences with marketing teams and culminates with his concept for launching RightWave.

Celebrated as a martech champion, Anurag established the marketing automation niche. His observations while interacting with marketing teams sparked the genesis of marketing automation. Recognizing the need for a cohesive marketing database to oversee the lifecycle, he embarked on a journey to streamline processes and create a communication infrastructure to manage prospects and leads.  

Anurag’s entrepreneurial odyssey has persisted as the CEO of RightWave, Inc., steering the company’s success for over two decades. Under his leadership, a culture aligned with the organization’s core values thrives, with Anurag leading by example and tirelessly advocating for the company, employees, and customers. RightWave’s sustained prosperity stems from its unwavering dedication to innovations and adaptability, listening to its customers, and devising tailored solutions to navigate the dynamic marketing landscape.

Learn more about Anurag’s visionary leadership and his unwavering commitment to empowering marketing professionals worldwide. See the video here: Entrepreneur’s Journey interview with Anurag Khemka on ExecTalkChannel

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