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On-Demand Webinar: 5 Actions to Increase Marketing Ops Impact on Business Value

As marketing organizations respond to the changing environment, B2B companies must adapt quickly. Results-oriented marketing continues to be challenging as top influencers are more engaged in the decision-making, and as prospective buyers develop more insights, the market’s expectations continue to rise.

With every marketing dollar buying less in this time of inflation and difficulties in hiring marketing staff, companies can achieve positive outcomes by increasing efficiency and boosting business impact from Marketing Operations.

This recorded webinar features Anurag Khemka, RightWave CEO, and Ray Rike, RevOps Squared CEO, illustrating research and actions companies should take to rebound from the pandemic. Hear about research focused on Marketing Operations, enhancing high-value tasks, and using automation to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Anurag is a serial entrepreneur, visionary, and technologist who pioneered the Marketing Automation space back in 1996 when he founded the very first Marketing Automation company MarketFirst. MarketFirst was created as an enterprise software but was later modified to be offered in a hosted subscription model, prior to SalesForce introducing the term SaaS. MarketFirst software was later acquired by Pivotal and is now part of Aptean Corporation. Anurag was named in B2B Magazine’s “Who’s Who 100 in CRM”. Anurag is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, and holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

Ray Rike has over 30 years of experience in subscription-based software, service, and SaaS companies. His passion for data-driven, metrics informed decision making started with his selection to the GE Executive Management Development program and was subsequently enhanced by his experiences across five successful SaaS and software company exits. These experiences, coupled with his innate analytical orientation provides the foundation for our mission to enable companies to embrace a data-driven, KPI informed decision-making approach to accelerate revenue performance.

Jacky Hood is an Account Manager at RightWave who also leads RightWave’s marketing initiatives. She moderates the webinar.

Join the webinar here 5 Actions to Increase Marketing Operations

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