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Another year is near to sum up and a brand new year is knockin’ at the door. And like all other things and areas, marketing also gets some new strategies and practices.

The digital marketing field is so volatile and ever changing and as a marketer, we need to keep up the pace with it. To keep you up to date with latest and upcoming trends in the digital marketing field, we have some key marketing strategies which are trending and likely impact in the coming year. Keep the pen and paper ready and check out the following

1. Video content is on the rise

Marketers agree that video is one of the key players in content marketing and as per Google, 70%  of the buyers in B2B watch videos in their lead life cycle. Video content dominates the digital marketing domain. YouTube is the most popular social media platform just after Facebook. So, YouTube is worth utilizing for advertisement, product demos, product reviews and so on.

It is very important that the businesses think of creating great video to mark their presence and remain visible in the platforms that use video content.

2. Augmented and Virtual reality concepts

Because of new technologies like AR/ VR and the high usage of voice-based devices and assistants, sense-based marketing will be highlight of the coming year. In the year to come, the sense-based marketing will play a great role in business growth and marketing implementations. Usage of AR/ VR gives an opportunities to wide space to deliver products for the companies and ideas to their clients. The usage of the AR/ VR can be expected to be used widely and aggressively in B2B marketing strategies. While some big business houses are already using the same, a lot of companies are likely to make use of the same in the near future.

3. Integrated channels

It has been observed that companies are giving options to communicate through direct channels to their customers. The customers can choose the Channel as per their preference and communicate directly. Brands are increasingly upgrading the systems to provide seamless support through Chats, Voice, SMS, and more to their customers.

4. Voice search

Search engine has in the existence for a long time, however the methodologies have been changing and Voice search is one of the key searches beings used widely and prospecting a great boom in the near future. 58% of consumers have used voice search to find local businesses in the last year (according to the Survey by Bright Local ).

Another survey shows that 50% of voice searches are performed at the office which increases productivity and efficiency.

The world around Digital Marketing is ever-changing and practices and methodologies also keeps on changing. RightWave provides clients with strategies and implementations for B2B Marketing and Sales. For more information, contact RightWave.


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