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Important New Features in Salesforce Winter Release ’21

Hey folks! In this unprecedented time Salesforce hasn’t forgotten to update the CRM instance to take it to a next level of awesomeness. Winter is coming; hence Salesforce is preparing for the winter update. In each update Salesforce is getting more powerful for CRM management by taking the problems and solving it for its customer.

Salesforce has just announced the release date, sandbox preview and pre-release org information for winter ’21. Release date depends upon the user’s instance but the main dates are September 18th, October 10th & 17th. Sandbox preview has started from September 11th.

RightWave has gathered some of the cool features from this winter update and below are the details one by one.

  1. Flow Update: This is a BIG one. In this winter update, flow is getting more powerful than ever before. In this update with a help of flow anybody can handle deletions, debug flow as a specific user, auto flow layouts, and much more.
    Note: Nobody can run ‘after delete’ flow, only ‘before delete’. This is different to create or Edit flows.
  2. Dynamic Forms and Action: Dynamic forms allow an admin to create dynamic layouts and that can be used anywhere by the help of Lightning App builder. Dynamic Actions allow users to show or hide actions based on the user behavior, and this is going to give users a great user experience.
  3. Loading speed of Lightning page is optimized: Before this update every lightning admin user were raising their concern about loading speed of the page. In this winter ’21 update an user can simply click the Analyze button at the top of the Lightning App builder. So, users will get the recommendations for improvement.
  4. Einstein Lead & Opportunity Scoring: This feature of Salesforce is futuristic, and users have to pay for it. Through this user can access the whole salesforce community. Winter update has excluded certain records from the Einstein Opportunity Scoring, as well as ignore fields of self choice. Also, this scoring model requires 1000 new leads and 120 lead conversions to start scoring the leads. This can be turned on instantly. If anyone is buying this feature then users will love this futuristic model of Salesforce.
  5. Salesforce Anywhere: Winter ’21 update is not only helping the all Salesforce’s users, it’s helping to communicate with valuable records and get updates in real-time. It is currently in beta stage where a user can sign up to be enabled here.
  6. Interactive Email Builder: In the email creation department Salesforce has made a major boost. Users can  now use a WYSIWYG Builder to create Email templates. It is very helpful and easy to handle as it is using a familiar Lightning App builder style screen.
  7. Dynamic Survey page In each release Salesforce is making this feature more powerful. In this update, users can now create an unique customer journey by defining a particular survey page an user wants to skip based on the salesforce data.
  8. Auto add of fields to Custom report types Users who have ever created a custom report type will know the frustrations of keeping it up to date when adding new custom fields, this has to be done manually. Salesforce has finally provided us with an option to automatically add new custom fields to custom report types.

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