Maneek Tayal


Marketo Audit Trail: What, Why, and How

One key deficiency of Marketo is its inability to maintain change history and versioning. While versioning is still not available in Marketo, significant advancements were made towards transparency and visibility into history via enhancements that made to Marketo Audit Trail in the Sep’16 and Dec’16 releases. These changes not only made Audit Trail more user…

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RightWave recommends cautious adoption of Marketo Email Editor 2.0

Released in early June, the Marketo Email Editor 2.0 offers both exciting features and some drawbacks. RightWave recommends cautious adoption. Features, some long-awaited and available in competitor products, include: Improved user experience with an easier interface Template selection from a library and the ability to include modules in templates Improved template builder and email previewer…

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